Generate great wallpapers from your photos

Take your photos and create wonderful wallpapers on your PC or Mac. You can choose if you want to use one image, generate great collages or nest your photos on grid. The application will automatically generate and use a new wallpaper in a configured time interval.

Available for Windows and macOS


Configurable templates

You can choose from different templates, that can be configured by your preference

High quality scaling

High precise algorithms are implemented to get great resized photos


Application comes with version for Windows and macOS and these versions are absolutely identical. Apple silicon CPU is supported natively

Can be installed up to 3 different devices

With one subscription you can install Gallery Wallpaper Generator on 3 different devices


Available templates overview

You can choose if you want to use one image, generate great collages or nest your photos on grid

Single Image Template

Only one photo is used as wallpaper


Collage Template

Photos generated as collage. You can set number of columns used.

Grid Template

Photos are nested on grid. You can adjust number of columns and rows


Application Screenshots

Take a look on Gallery Wallpaper Generator user interface for Windows and macOS

How to use it

How to add folder with images and generate your first wallpaper

What is new?


Web Gallery Downloader: new version for Windows and macOS [1.0.5] released. Please download this version HERE

  1. fixed the problem when some images had a wrong rotation
  2. is it possible to insert the date of creation into the image
  3. Image subfolders can be sorted by name in descending order
  4. Fixed application freezing problem during wallpaper generation
  5. Improved application stability